Friday, July 31, 2009

When to Throw Away Your Underwear

We stumbled upon a great post by Marci Baun, from her self entitled blog. The name of the article was "You know you need to throw away your underwear when…"

This funny and witty post had us laughing in our stilettos. Here's Marci's list:

You know you need to throw away a pair of your underwear when:
  1. the once opaque material is now see-through;
  2. they started out with a crotch, but now you don’t have to take them off to go the bathroom;
  3. the elastic band crackles when you stretch it;
  4. they are so holey you aren’t sure which ones to put your feet into;
  5. safety pins are keeping the seams together;
  6. you are using them as a halter top;
  7. there is a hole where the skid marks used to be;
  8. you haven’t worn size 5T in 20 years;
  9. My Little Pony/Batman just looks a little weird on a 30 year old;
  10. you had to add a drawstring to keep them up.
LOL! Marci challenged us to add a few to the list. Here are MySkins' "You know you need to throw away a pair of your underwear when..." list:

11. Everyone who see you knows exactly what size, shape and color you have on
12. Your mom says "I remember these" while going through your drawer
13. They discontinued them at the store
14. Your 5 year old daughter gets confused on which ones are yours and which are hers....
15. It's Friday and your underwear says Friday
16. Your friends and family buy you underwear for your birthday...and Christmas...and New Years... etc..
17. You have a story for each pair that starts with "These were my first..."
18. There are bra hooks missing in the back
19. You can't remember where or when you bought them
20. You friend submitted you to What Not To Wear

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