Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glamour's Tips To Finding The Perfect Bra

Glamour Magazine recently went on NBC's Today show and did a really great segment on finding the perfect bra. We loved the sensible tips they gave that every woman should incorporate into their wardrobe:

DON'T: Wear a sports bra unless you're working out--it's not good for your breast tissue!
DO: Choose a comfortable style like this cotton version from Vanity Fair--you won't even feel the underwire!

DON'T: Wear a bra with too-loose and too-stretched out straps.
DO: Opt for straps with elasticity that will help to give you the best support.

DON'T: Suffer from the dreaded "underboob" (and in this case, "sideboob" too)!
DO: This happens because your bra is too small--my tip? Get professionally fitted and you'll end up looking and feeling great.

DON'T: Flatten an already small chest with a thin, barely-there bra.
DO: Try a padded push up, like this Victoria's Secret bra, that will give you a little extra (yet natural-looking) oomph.

DON'T: Choose a demi cup if you're looking for full-sized support.
DO: Demi's have less breast coverage, so choose a full coverage style if you're full-sized gal looking for the best support.

DON'T: Wear bras that are too big and gaping!
DO: Emily's bra was way too big and had no structure--leaving her bust completely shapeless. The entire cup should lie flush against your breast with no excess fabric.

We think everyone should take their advice. Stop over and see the comments on the posts, some women really added some extra insight on how choose their bras.

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