Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Bra Should Be Your Favorite Summer Accessory

Not only do you have to wear your bra every day, whether to the office or out on the town, it also has to fit along with your fashion style. If you are professional our bras are perfect under your everyday attire, additionally, if you are a fashionista, our bras provide you with the ability to wear the latest fashion trends with confidence.

Two hot trends this summer can fit seamlessly with your MySkins’ bra. The first is the sheer fashion trend which has been hitting runways around the globe since 2008. Sheer tops and dresses can be seen on celebrates and models alike, but it's also been incorporated into the latest designers ready to wear lines. Your MySkins’ bra can work perfectly under sheer clothing because not only does it match your skin tone for invisibility, but it also provides wearers with comfort and support for confidence to work the latest styles without worrying about falling out of your clothes; and creating your own personal embarrassing moment.

To incorporate the sheer look into your wardrobe we suggest the plunge bra because you can wear with peak a boo or low cut blouses while it matches your skin tone for the ultimate in sheer fabulousness.

Another great trend this summer is the one shoulder dress, especially like the one Michelle Obama wore during the inauguration of her husband and our President, Barack Obama. The one shoulder dress is only as good as your bra! A great convertible bra, like ours, is essential for making the most of this stunning look.

Remember, we're not just a bra company! We care about your personal style which is why our bras were named the "Perfect Summer Bra" by People Style Watch. Download your color card and grab a MySkins’ bra today…the best fashion accessory for your Spring and Summer looks.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Exposed Boobs and Embarassing Questions

Besides being bra and panty experts, we also have a sense of humor, and sometimes we scrounge the web for the most horrifying and embarrassing moments that could involve a bra or a panty.

Today's bra horror stories come from Yahoo Answers:

"Ok so I was taking a walk and I was ahead of everyone else with my cousin who was 4 and I was 11 at the time, I had just started to wear bra's and she pointed to my boobs and asked "what are those?" and I was omg SO embarrassed!!! I tried really hard to change the subject like "wow you can run really fast" but she kept asking!! I finally said "you will know when your older" and then she forgot about it, but I am sooo embarrassed!!=D"

"When I was 14 I was at school, and I was wearing a bra with the front closure, and it spontaneously broke! I was really embarrassed, and I managed to kind of put it back together with a paper clip, but I felt very self conscious the rest of the day. That's the last time I ever bought a bra like that."

"Not neccesarily bra story but oh well....

I was at water polo and jumped to get the ball, only to expose both my boobs in mid jump, right in the face of my best friends boyfriend, who was of course utterly shocked/horrified! haha"
Tell us your bra horror stories by leaving a comment on our blog. Who knows, we may end up featuring you! Or, you can skip the embarrassing moments by checking out MySkins.com. Find your perfect seamless skin tone matching bra today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Buying A Bra

Women have been wearing bras for years, but for some reason the majority of the population still have issues with the dreaded bra fitting! From bra experts worldwide, here are the top 10 mistakes that women make when shopping for a bra:

5 The Baggy Look
The baggy look has made a comeback recently in jeans and in clothing (like Mary Kate and Ashley's boho looks). However, this isn't a good look for your bra. When a bra brand is too loose in the back, the back of the bra rises causing your breast to sag.

4 The Size Chameleon
Many women refuse to let go of their bra size. At 18 when you hear that you are a 38C, you always buy a 38c without getting resized. Our bodies change everyday due to hormones, nursing and much more so getting fitted once a year is ideal.

3 The Elusive Perfect Bra
We've heard of this elusive perfect bra, the one that fits like a glove and shapes your breast like a Greek statue. However, finding your perfect fit or brand can take time. At MySkins, we have our own sizing method that can help you find your perfect fit based on our brand research and awareness.

2 Comfort versus Support
We are very proud of our bras because we cover both comfort and support. However, sometimes support comes over comfort because we want to look great in our clothes and we've been taught that beauty is painful. With MySkins' seamless molded bras, that's no longer an issue.

1 The Small Complex
Smaller breast women want to have larger breast, and larger breasted women want to have smaller breast. However, using your bra to achieve those goals can cause the bra tissue to lose firmness. Your bra should life and center you bust line while being comfortable and definitely not hazardous to your health.

When looking for your perfect fit, use our bra fitting guidelines and get it right!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Celebrity Bra Strap Walk Of Shame

This Fashion Police Wednesday is focused on the number one celebrity Faux Paux: The Celebrity With The Showing Bra Strap. The bra strap walk of fame will surely get you in someone's fashion police article and once we started doing more research, we realized that even the most and least glamorous stars have went down the shameful path of showing their bra straps:

Kylie Minogue and Pink

Amy Winehouse

Coleen McLoughlin and Sharon Stone

Where do we start??

Kylie: Okay, not only is your bra strap showing but you chose to wear a leopard one.. could you be anymore discreet?
Pink: No, No, No, No!!! You don't incorporate your bra into your outfit unless you are on stage performing... period!
Amy: Double straps...and two colors??
Coleen: Because you have a white tank top on, doesn't mean a white bra is okay.
Sharon: Yes, your bra matches some of the colors in your dress...still doesn't make it okay.

The solution? MySkins' seamless and skin-tone matching bras. We provide them in 20 different colors, matching 95% of the population's skin tone. So no matter if you are Keisha Knight Pulliam or Scarlet Johansson...we have a match for you! Request your color card today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The MySkins Solution

Many times when women are shopping for bras, they don't understand exactly what to look for, or what to ask the salesperson for. At MySkins we spent so much time in product development and research, we learned some amazing things... we'd like to call ourselves the "bra experts"!

When looking for a comfortable bra that closely matches your skin tone there are a few things you should be looking for:

The Problem? Visible Bra Lines or VBL
Visible bra lines can become a nightmare. Even if you find that perfect skin matching tone, if the bra is sewn and you are wearing a t-shirt or a thin shirt, there is a possibility that you'll have to deal with bulging seams.

The MySkin Solution? Seamless Bras
Our bras are molded, not sewn so you don't have to worry about seams or VBL.

The Problem? Color Transfer
when shopping for a nude bra, you may notice the lack of colors. However, even when you "think" you've got a close match, look closely because color and dimensional transfer can occur. With color transfer, you'll end up on our fashion police blog! What happens is that if you wear underwear not closely matched to your skin with light colored clothing, you will be able to see your underwear through it.

The MySkins Solution? Skin tone matching underwear
Our bras come in 20 different skin matching colors that match 95% of the populations skin tone... so color transfer is definitely not a problem.

Request a color card today and try us out... we are sure you'll be satisfied with the results.

Monday, June 22, 2009

MySkins In Oprah Magazine This Month

Wooohooo!! We are O approved! This month MySkins.com made its 1st appearance in O Magazine in their Try IT Buy It section. The Try It Buy It section includes products and services the Oprah team wants you to know about... like our comfortable bras available in 20 skin matching colors.

Of course, we wanted to share the O love to all our readers, subscribers, followers and fans. Feel free to use visit omagaonline.com/selections and get 25% off of your first order using the special code:

"MySkins is a new line of bras and panties that come in the widest offering of skin-tone colors. All styles are smooth and seamless for an invisible look under clothing. MySkins lingerie comes in 20 skin matching colors. Request a free color card to find your match at myskins.com. Take 25% off your first order. Use promo code: OM25%. Expires 8/14/09. "

But hurry... the deal expires 8/14/2009!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bra Horror Stories

One of our favorite forums to visit is The Exchange, especially their Fitness and Health section. One thread asked Exchange members about Bra Horror Stories and we thought that we would share two of the stories we thought were funny on our blog:

"Did you know a Wonderbra underwire can bring a washing machine to its knees? I do now. Make sure your underwires aren't trying to make a break for it before you wash the bra, otherwise, you're gonna spend your weekend shopping for major appliances."

"My wife worked years ago when going to college in Lancaster in the Bra department of Watt and Shand and I remember her telling me about a young girl that was coming in shopping for what was likely as it turned out her first bra. My wife asked her if she knew what cup size she was and threw out the normal A, B, etc and the girl came back answering "I think it is an A minus". We still get a chuckle out of it."

At Myskins, our seamless bras keep the horror stories for the magazines and online...not in your real life! But, if you do you have a bra horror story that you'd like to share with us? Spill the beans and we'll share it on our blog. Anonymously….of course.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How To Really Find Your Bra Size

Bra fitting is serious business, especially when women across the globe have had the same complaint for years. They get fitted in department dressing room, put the bra on, come home and a week later the bra doesn't fit anymore. Or, they think they know their size in one brand, and find out that not only is that not their size, but every bra fits differently.

Well, we know that every bra fits differently, which is why, unlike other brands, we know exactly how you can find your perfect fitting MySkins skin tone matching bra. We know ordering online for underwear can be intimidating which is why we have laid everything out for our customers step by step. And nothing is more important than your bra fitting you exactly right.

Here's our step by step process on finding your perfect fitting bra:

Step 1: Band Size Measurement: While wearing a non-padded bra, and keeping the measuring tape parallel with the ground, measure around your bra directly under your bust after expelling all the air from your lungs. Round all measurements to the nearest whole number.

*Tip: This number should be as small as possible, with the tape being pulled firm, but without binding the skin. If the measurement is an even number, add 4". If the measurement is an odd number, add 5".

Step 2: Cup Size Measurement: Standing straight, with your arm at your side, measure at the fullest part of your bust (not too tight, not too loose). Make sure the measuring tape stays parallel to the ground. Round all measurements to the nearest whole number.

Step 3: Bra Size Calculation: Subtract your band measurement from step 1, from your cup measurement in step 2.

Still can't figure it out? Check out our YouTube video:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Mallika Sherawat's See Through Problem

Mallika Sherawat is a Indian actress and model whose known for her public openess... she's the Indian version of Little Kim. However, even if you are considered a symbol of beauty, there's a great balance between being sexy and being classy; and having your bra show doesn't fall into that category.

The dress Mallika wore recently was a red sheer dress with unique patterns, however the top was sheer and Mallika wore a white bra... a major NO:

Skin tone matching lingerie can help even the most revealing celebrities present their image without crossing into a fashion police column. However, with little nude bra options on the market today, it's hard to find that perfect match without going completely bare. That's why MySkins has a wonderful line of skin matching bras and underwear that would have looked great under Mallika's sheer dress.

Using our 20 skin matching colors, we narrowed down Cappacino aka MySkins 07 for Mallika, which will match her skin tone and look fabulous under any sheer clothing she decides to wear... no matter how revealing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The White Pant Suit Is Back

Jenny McCartney made our jaws drop on Friday at the Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards. Her white pantsuit was to die for... we love to see women wearing a hot trend in a classy manner with the correct undergarments.

Seeing her looking great in all white; we decided to do some research online and see exactly how popular the white pantsuit is this season:

Yeap, the white pantsuit is back which means a possiblity for some visible panty lines, visible bra lines, and muffin tops. Luckily there's MySkins.com where our 20 skin matching seamless bras and seamless panties match 95% of the population's skin tone.... so you don't have to worry about those embarassing lines again and our seamless technology and comfort allows you to say good bye to muffin tops and bulges.

Download (.pdf) or request your free color card today. Oh, and pull that white pantsuit out of the closet and dust it off... it's back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping Online For Seamless Bras and Panties

Shopping online for bras and panties can be an intimidating experience, especially when you are used to going in a store and getting fitted. At MySkins, we know how women feel about their bras and panties which is why we have developed a unique system to ensure that you feel comfortable shopping for your bras and panties online.

The first step in finding perfect skin matching bra and panties from MySkins is to use our color card. If you have a quality color printer available, print a color chart from our website. However, we strongly suggest requesting a color card to be mailed to you so you can really get an accurate understanding of your skin matching color.

With the MySkins Color Card in hand, match your skin to the color on the card that best matches you. The best locations to color match for your bra would be the front of your shoulder, or the center of your chest. However, don't match using your arm, we recommend using your upper thigh or hip area. Remember, good natural light is your best source for lighting.

After you match your skin tone the next step is to find the perfect fit by following our bra sizing guide. If you already know your correct size, browse our selection and order any style in your matching color.

It's that easy! What are you waiting for, get your skin tone lingerie today and stop allowing visible bra lines and visible panty lines to ruin your outfits.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wearing The Right Bra 101

Like panties, as we discussed Tuesday, when looking for a bra to wear under different tops and dresses there are different styles and different purposes for each bra. This guide will take you through choosing the right bra and what tops to wear them with.

Under Your Favorite White T-Shirt

T-Shirt Bra: The t-shirt bra is best for everyday wear and comfort because it disappears under your clothing and prevents nipple show-through. However, the best advantage of a t-shirt bra is that it is made without a raised seam so it can appear invisible when worn under a body fitting t-shirt. The MySkins t-shirt bra is perfect for those who long for an amazing bra to wear under a fitted shirt without the risk of visible bra lines, lumpiness or discomfort.

Under Your Favorite Summer Blouse

Convertible Bra: A convertible bra offers a number of possibilities. Hence the name, the straps on our convertible bra can be arranged in five different styles traditional, one-shoulder, criss-cross, halter, and strapless. The MySkins convertible bra is an excellent choice for women who want variety under a number of styles. Perfect for Grecian one shoulder dresses, halter-tops, tube dresses and more.

Under Your Favorite Sexy Summer Dress

Plunge Bra: A plunge bra is the perfect support for daring outfits. The cups are cut to give you some support, great coverage and maximum exposure. The MySkins plunge bra is amazing for women who want to wear low cut shirts or gowns without the risk of a visible bra or the discomfort of tape.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bad Fitting Bra vs A Good Fitting Bra

We've all seen it. Someone wearing a fitted t-shirt with a bra on that they thought fit well. In actuality, the bra created the "six boobs" affect where the breast are squeezed between the arm and the strap and the breast themselves are basically cut in 1/2… creating six boobs! Wearing a good fitting bra can really have a tremendous affect on your life including your self esteem. A good fitting bra can increase your posture and make you look fabulous in your clothes.
So what is the benefit of getting rid of that bra that you just can't let go and a bra that actually fits you body well? Did you know a bad fitting bra can:
  • Add a shapeless and unattractive look to your posture
  • Cause scarring underneath and on the sides of your breast over time
  • Cause back pain and neck pain from inadequate support
  • Attribute to posture problems and constant slouching
On the other hand, a good fitting bra can:
  • Change the silhouette and curves of a woman’s body
  • Make you look slimmer while reshaping
  • Allow your clothes to fit and look better on your body
  • Give you a smaller waistline
  • Give you a boost of confidence

The benefits are endless. Check out MySkins.com and try a seamless bra in a skin matching color so you can look and feel great this summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Gwyneth Paltrow’s French No No

We pulled this Fashion Police image from the archives. Gwyneth Paltrow pulled this off last year around November. At first we had to take a second look because we couldn't believe we caught an A list celebrity with VPL (visible panty lines) and VBL (visible bra lines).

Showing through her French basque themed dress, Gwyneth took her trip to Paris a little too seriously…and I'm sure the French women didn't agree! If you look through the black lace on her dress you can clearly see a white bra and a pair of white panties.

The look was supposed to be a take on a French maid outfit for her movie Two Lovers. We though the dress was actually cute but we think she may have went a little too far with the see through lace... and unfortunately, she did it on purpose!

Okay Gwyneth! Our suggestions:

1. Get rid of the see through lace! No matter how cute you think it is its only appropriate on stage or in the bedroom.

2. Get a seamless bra and seamless panty that matches your skintone; and not the regular "pink" color that everyone sells to Caucasian women. We suggest MySkins number 02 aka Latte.

Gwyneth, request your color card today and we will send you a great bra and panty to help you stay on the best dressed list.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wearing The Right Panties 101

We get so caught up looking for the perfect bra that sometimes we forget about below the waist... our panties. At MySkins, we take everything under your clothes seriously including your panties.

When looking for the perfect panties that you can wear under different clothing, it's important to remember that each different style has a different purpose. Here's a quick guide on choosing the right pair of panties and the perfect bottoms to wear them with.

Under Your Favorite Jeans

Full Cut Briefs: Briefs are known for their full coverage of the lower torso and upper thighs. They offer optimum coverage and comfort. The MySkins Full Cut Brief panties are the ideal panties to wear with jeans because they don't rise too high have full coverage in the rear.

Under Your Favorite Slacks

Girl Shorts: The girl short is a very popular style of panties that offers more coverage than thongs and less coverage than the full cut brief. This popular style can be worn under just about anything but especially fabrics like cotton, polyester, etc. The MySkins Girl Shorts are perfect for slacks, dresses, shorts and much more.

Under Your Favorite Tights

Thong: The thong is just right for achieving a look that is invisible under clothing. Although they have the least amount of coverage, they represent maximum freedom. The MySkins Thong is the perfect panty for tight fitting clothing that will closely hug the curves of your body.

Whether its full cut brief, girl shorts, or thongs, seamless panties provide wearers with a smooth look underneath clothing which is perfect for tighter clothing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Carson Kressley Is a Walnut...Seriously!

This year at the Arizona Women's Expo MySkins picked up a fan, Carson Kressley. After checking out MySkins' products and labeling our nude tone underwear "yum skins" we were pleasantly surprised when he signed our Color Card, "I'm A Walnut"!

If you don't know Carson Kressley, here's a quick bio. Carson was born and raised in Pennsylvania and was a true horse rider. He competed since an early age and was a part of the US World Cup Saddle Seat Equitation Team.

However, this fashion guru is known for his attitude and passion for all things fashion. From 1994 to 2002, Carson worked for Ralph Lauren in menswear and advertising. Then, in 2003, the Carson we know and love came to be when his show, Queer Eye, debuted on Bravo cable television network. Since then he's been featured on The Today Show, E!, Miss Universe, Miss USA and much more.

In 2007, Carson proved that he was a force to be reckoned with when in February he was announced the host of Lifetime's makeover show, How to Look Good Naked. The series premiered on January 4, 2008 and drew 1.6 million viewers. The big thing was that Carson was able to reach that coveted marketing group, 18-49 and 18-34.

We love you Carson, thanks for supporting MySkins, and we think you are a Walnut too...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How To Really Take Care of Your Bras

Taking care of your bras is something that many women have problems doing. We've seen just about every which way possible. Here are a few things that are just not okay!

  1. Washing and drying bras in the washing machine and dryer
  2. Using powdered detergents to wash your bras
  3. Hanging your bras to dry

At MySkins, we know bra and panties and after extensive research we've developed a strategy that makes sure your bras last for year.

First, before you wash make sure you fasten all hooks! This is important for your bra and any other garments you may have. Bra hooks have a tendency to snag other garments and get hooked on holes in the washer and dryer.

Second, Use a lingerie bag or a bra washing bowel so that your bra will keep its shape. Bra washing bowels are awesome! They keep your bras in a little bowl throughout the wash.

Third, always wash on the delicate cycle. The delicate cycle is gentle enough not to damage.

Lastly, and this important, reshape and lay flat on a towel to dry. This also keeps the shape of the bra. Hanging a bra to dry stretches the fabric.

And that’s how you take care of your MySkins seamless bra! For more information and tips visit our Bra and Panty Care Guide.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Shame On Nicole Scherzinger

This week's Fashion Police Wednesday is a special edition taken from People Style Watch. The editors over there chose MySkins nude seamless bras as the "Perfect Summer Bra" in this months issue. So... we thought we'd choose our fashion victim from People Style Watch's 'Who Got It Right" where Tim Gunn lets us know which stars got it right and which one's got it wrong.

This month, Tim Gunn did a feature on Scarf & Skinnies, the new fad where stars wear skinny jeans with scarves. Sounds safe, right? Well, Nicole Scherzinger really messed it up! But we were extremely appalled when we took a closer look at her ensemble and saw that her white bra was clearly visible beneath her scarf! Shame on you Nicole!

It's actually a simple equation:

Nicole, like we told Lindsey Lohan last week, please give us a call at 480-464-0200 and girl....we will hook you up!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrity Skin Matching Seamless Underwear

Does you match your skin color to other celebrities? Probably so! All of us use starts to kind of help us to decide what products to buy. As women, how many times have you walked the cosmetics aisle and noticed a celebrity endorsing a brand and she has the same skin color as you? Next thing you know, you are on your tippy toes trying to see what color they used, usually found in the small print on the bottom of the ad.

Now you can have the same specialization for your underwear as you do with your foundation. You wouldn't get the wrong color foundation so why get the wrong color nude underwear? Here are a few celebrities skin tones that we matched with our products! It's one of our favorite game ;)

If you have fair skin like Nicole Kidman you may enjoy MySkins 02 aka Latte:

If you have golden skin like Vanessa Hudgens, you may want to try MySkins 12 aka Coco:

If you have a caramel tone like Beyonce you may want to try MySkins 17 aka Almond:

Or, if you have a deeper chocolate tone like Serena Williams you can try MySkins 20 aka Espresso:

Monday, June 1, 2009

MySkins Featured In People Style Watch!

Need the perfect summer bra? Look no further than MySkins.com! We were featured in the June/July issue of People Style Watch as the perfect summer bra. The editors at People Style Watch love us because:

  • Our seamless bras come in a great variety of shades... 20 skin tone matching colors to be exact! So no more excuses to not finding that perfect nude bra!
  • Our bras are super seamless meaning that no one can see visible bra lines through your summer outfits.
  • Our bras are slightly padded, only about 3 to 4 pennies thick, so they are extremely comfortable.
We know summer tops are the epitome of every fashionistas spring and summer wardrobe. If you are wearing a cute fitted t-shirt, we suggest trying our t-shirt bra.

Or if you are wearing a cute summer top that leaves your shoulders bare try our convertible bra.

Even if you are wearing a halter top... it works!

Request your color card today!