Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping Online For Seamless Bras and Panties

Shopping online for bras and panties can be an intimidating experience, especially when you are used to going in a store and getting fitted. At MySkins, we know how women feel about their bras and panties which is why we have developed a unique system to ensure that you feel comfortable shopping for your bras and panties online.

The first step in finding perfect skin matching bra and panties from MySkins is to use our color card. If you have a quality color printer available, print a color chart from our website. However, we strongly suggest requesting a color card to be mailed to you so you can really get an accurate understanding of your skin matching color.

With the MySkins Color Card in hand, match your skin to the color on the card that best matches you. The best locations to color match for your bra would be the front of your shoulder, or the center of your chest. However, don't match using your arm, we recommend using your upper thigh or hip area. Remember, good natural light is your best source for lighting.

After you match your skin tone the next step is to find the perfect fit by following our bra sizing guide. If you already know your correct size, browse our selection and order any style in your matching color.

It's that easy! What are you waiting for, get your skin tone lingerie today and stop allowing visible bra lines and visible panty lines to ruin your outfits.


  1. Just goggled in there and saw your web site there ,after seeing this article i think that every women should wear the inner wears according to their skin tones.


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