Monday, June 29, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Exposed Boobs and Embarassing Questions

Besides being bra and panty experts, we also have a sense of humor, and sometimes we scrounge the web for the most horrifying and embarrassing moments that could involve a bra or a panty.

Today's bra horror stories come from Yahoo Answers:

"Ok so I was taking a walk and I was ahead of everyone else with my cousin who was 4 and I was 11 at the time, I had just started to wear bra's and she pointed to my boobs and asked "what are those?" and I was omg SO embarrassed!!! I tried really hard to change the subject like "wow you can run really fast" but she kept asking!! I finally said "you will know when your older" and then she forgot about it, but I am sooo embarrassed!!=D"

"When I was 14 I was at school, and I was wearing a bra with the front closure, and it spontaneously broke! I was really embarrassed, and I managed to kind of put it back together with a paper clip, but I felt very self conscious the rest of the day. That's the last time I ever bought a bra like that."

"Not neccesarily bra story but oh well....

I was at water polo and jumped to get the ball, only to expose both my boobs in mid jump, right in the face of my best friends boyfriend, who was of course utterly shocked/horrified! haha"
Tell us your bra horror stories by leaving a comment on our blog. Who knows, we may end up featuring you! Or, you can skip the embarrassing moments by checking out Find your perfect seamless skin tone matching bra today.


  1. ok so this is my story:
    i was in skool and i new that my shirt was falling down
    so i wrote a note to my friend asking her if my bra was showing
    i was about to hand it to her when the guy next to me grabbed it out of my hand, read it and showed all teh boys in the grade
    now you should no that i was in 5th grade and wearing a 32C at the time - all the guys loved my chest and now they loved it even more!


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