Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Find MySkins In Cosmo August 2009 Issue

That's right; we are in the August 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan, which happens to be their "Hot Issue". Why the "Hot Issue"? Well, because sexy and classy go hand in hand when it comes to skin matching lingerie!

For instance... you wouldn't want visible panty lines or bra lines when wearing that little white summer dress for a romantic night out with your significant other? Which is exactly why you need seamless skin tone matching bras and panties to pair with your sizzling ensembles.

Besides us being in the issue, we also enjoyed some of the cover stories. Our favorite features from Cosmopolitan's Hot Issue include "Have The Summer You Want" and "5 Things That Can Blow a Job Interview". In "Have The Summer You Want", writer Molly Triffin encourages women to end their summers with a bang by relaxing and recharging, hanging out with new people, work on a new career move, or have a end of summer adventure. No matter how you choose to end the summer, make sure you do it in style. Don't forget your skin tone matching underwear to wear with those stunning summer dresses.

In "5 Things That Can Blow a Job Interview", Korin Miller gives some amazing tips to make sure you have a great interview regardless of this economy. Tips included keeping the interview to yourself, skipping the perfume overload, and not trash talking your ex boss. We loved the tips, and also remember, you have one chance to make a first impression. Korin mentioned that wearing tops that are too sheer is a no no, and we agree. But if you do want to add a little sheerness, or you want to wear white, don't forget your skin tone matching bra.

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