Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: The Bella Life

We are very excited that our new fans over at The Bella Life has featured MySkins on fabulous lifestyle blog. The Bella Life is a blog created by an amazing group of women who report on the ins and outs of lifestyle, from fashion to interior design. We love how their witty words and alluring images drag the readers in.

Their trip to MySkins was something we won't forget. According to the girls:

"Debs, Cammie, Cori, Keighley, Kylie and I had the opportunity to visit My Skins corporate office in downtown Mesa, Arizona. Upon our arrival, we had expected to “Get to Know” a local business owner. However, what we got was an education in skin color matching. Each of us was given a color match card in which we could match our own skin tone to the perfect bra and underwear color. After we were matched to our perfect skin tone color, we were given a bra fitting. In the end, each of the girls was fitted with the perfect size and style."

Thanks for the shout out Bella Life! Go over there and show their fashion blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

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