Monday, July 6, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: The Frozen Bra Experience

Sometimes we stumble across a bra story that is so horrible, so hilarious, so outrageous that we share it with our readers. Today's bra horror story is an anonymous tale from That's Embarrassing about sibling rivalry, nipple exposure and an icebox!

"This is about a nasty prank that was played on me. One day, I had a job interview that was scheduled for early in the morning. I was rushing to put on my clothes when I realized that something was missing. I asked my little sister, "Where the is my bra?" And she said, "Maybe you should check in the freezer." Damn her, she had known I was going to an interview -- so the night before, she collected all my bras, soaked them in water, and stuck them in the freezer! They were frozen solid. I mean, I could have beaten someone to death with one of those things (and believe me, I was tempted). I was in a HUGE hurry, though.

Searching for the bras had wasted way too much of my time, and I figured "What the heck. I don't really need a bra anyway." So I just rushed out the door, and drove to the interview.

The woman who interviewed me seemed nice, and I thought the interview was going pretty well, but there was a problem. I'd picked my clothes before I realized that I wouldn't have a bra, so I was wearing a tee-shirt that was sort of tight. And there was air-conditioning in the room...REALLY cold air-conditioning. So my nipples became sort of...well...perky. VERY perky. I tried to act as if nothing strange was happening, but the woman kept looking at my chest with a sort of "What the Hell??" look on her face. I guess she though that I was a slut, or that I was just really, really enjoying that interview. She didn't hire me. :-( She gave the job to some boy instead. (If the interviewer had been a guy, I'd probably have a job right now :-P) I guess the only bright side is that in a couple of years, my sister will start wearing bras, too. And then I'll be able to get even with her. :-P"

LOL! Now you know why you always keep your clothes far away from your younger sisters...far far away! Need nipple coverage? Check out MySkins t shirt bra, not only is it a nude bra, but it has the best nipple coverage on the market.

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