Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: A Double Wammy

Today when we were digging through tons of images online in search of our Fashion Police Wednesday victim, in the words of Ursula the witch off of Little Mermaid, we found this "poor unfortunate soul" who was caught on camera with not only a visible bra but visible panties too.

No doubt, when she left the house with her vertical lined shirt (always a fashion yes) and her white sheer mini skirt, she had no idea that this day would come back to haunt her. One simple circular look in the mirror would have sufficed and saved her from the embarrassment, which I'm sure she suffered through the day unknowingly. I know we can't have the dreaded 360 mirror from What Not To Wear, but we can turn around and look over our shoulders with all the windows open and lights on so we can get a look at ourselves in natural light, especially when wearing anything sheer or white.

Let's break down this fashion victim’s regrettable choices and find a solution to the problem:

The first issue is the wearing of a white bra under a sheer shirt; our suggestion is to wear a skin tone matching t shirt bra. Since we can't see the front of the blouse…we are hoping and praying there's no peak-a-boo going on, which makes the t shirt bra perfect for this top.

The second issue is the white underwear under a sheer white mini skirt. We suggest wearing a My Skins’ thong if anyone plant to wear something sheer and small on the lower half their body.

Lastly, we have to match all the underwear as close to the skin tone as possible. Based on this image we suggest she try Cinnamon, aka MySkins #14. Are you have visible underwear problems? Break the cycle and download our color card today.... you will be one step closer to finding your true nude.

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