Monday, July 13, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Don’t Write Your Name In your Bra

Today’s horror story about bras comes from Kayla over at That’s Embarrasing! She teaches young women everywhere that writing your name in your bra is definitely a BAD idea!

“Well on Dec. 21 our school went swimming. So as always my friends and I go into the bathroom to change into our bathing suits to avoid the rush of pool locker rooms. I ran out of the bathroom QUICKLY because there were other people waiting in line. Then I realized I forgot my bra in the bathroom.... oops! The embarrassing part of it is that I saw a couple of grade eighters fooling around the lost and found table, to my surprise they are playing with my bra.... I walk over and Shelby says "Kayla, you lost your bra!" and I remember that I wrote my name in it when I went to Camp!

The Moral of this story is - Do NOT write your name in you bra!!”

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