Friday, July 31, 2009

When to Throw Away Your Underwear

We stumbled upon a great post by Marci Baun, from her self entitled blog. The name of the article was "You know you need to throw away your underwear when…"

This funny and witty post had us laughing in our stilettos. Here's Marci's list:

You know you need to throw away a pair of your underwear when:
  1. the once opaque material is now see-through;
  2. they started out with a crotch, but now you don’t have to take them off to go the bathroom;
  3. the elastic band crackles when you stretch it;
  4. they are so holey you aren’t sure which ones to put your feet into;
  5. safety pins are keeping the seams together;
  6. you are using them as a halter top;
  7. there is a hole where the skid marks used to be;
  8. you haven’t worn size 5T in 20 years;
  9. My Little Pony/Batman just looks a little weird on a 30 year old;
  10. you had to add a drawstring to keep them up.
LOL! Marci challenged us to add a few to the list. Here are MySkins' "You know you need to throw away a pair of your underwear when..." list:

11. Everyone who see you knows exactly what size, shape and color you have on
12. Your mom says "I remember these" while going through your drawer
13. They discontinued them at the store
14. Your 5 year old daughter gets confused on which ones are yours and which are hers....
15. It's Friday and your underwear says Friday
16. Your friends and family buy you underwear for your birthday...and Christmas...and New Years... etc..
17. You have a story for each pair that starts with "These were my first..."
18. There are bra hooks missing in the back
19. You can't remember where or when you bought them
20. You friend submitted you to What Not To Wear

Thursday, July 30, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: Lipstick Masala

We are very excited that our new fans over at Lipstick Masala has featured MySkins on their fabulous beauty blog. Lipstick Masala is a forum for Desi Women to come together and exchange beauty tips and product secrets geared specifically toward South Asians.

According to the Lipstick Masala:

"Fashion experts insist that we wear nude lingerie for daily wear. Why? Because it so closely resembles our own skin tone that it does not stand out the way black and white do under clothes. This may be true, but having one color of “skin tone” represent all women from fair to dark kind of defeats the idea behind nude lingerie. An African American woman is not going to feel like she’s “wearing her own skin” in a bra that was made for a Caucasian woman. And one amazing company has finally recognized this mistake and I just had to let you all in on what I consider to be the best thing since sliced bread.

MySkins is a lingerie company that aims to “provide the widest range of skin tone colors to match your beautiful skin.” "

Thanks for the shout out Lipstick Masala! Go over there and show their fashion blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Candid Bra Straps

This week we stumbled across a Flickr photo group called Candid Brastraps. Candid Brastraps is a Flickr group with over 1,132 members and over 600 images of women and some of their most embarrassing moments involving visible bra straps, visible bra lines, color transfer and dimensional transfer.

Every image we saw was perfect for Fashion Police Wednesday, but we couldn't decide! So we decided to show all the images. Check out this slide show of Candid Brastraps member images:

Each of these lovely women, who made the mistake of wearing the wrong shirt and the wrong bra in all the wrong ways need a MySkins bra...why?

Well, our bras are comfortable, seamless, and most importantly, skin tone matching. So no worries about wearing white with the wrong bra, or a summer top with the wrong bra. Try our skin tone matching convertible bra for those summer blouses or try our seamless t-shirt bras for those tight t-shirts... you can't go wrong!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: The Bella Life

We are very excited that our new fans over at The Bella Life has featured MySkins on fabulous lifestyle blog. The Bella Life is a blog created by an amazing group of women who report on the ins and outs of lifestyle, from fashion to interior design. We love how their witty words and alluring images drag the readers in.

Their trip to MySkins was something we won't forget. According to the girls:

"Debs, Cammie, Cori, Keighley, Kylie and I had the opportunity to visit My Skins corporate office in downtown Mesa, Arizona. Upon our arrival, we had expected to “Get to Know” a local business owner. However, what we got was an education in skin color matching. Each of us was given a color match card in which we could match our own skin tone to the perfect bra and underwear color. After we were matched to our perfect skin tone color, we were given a bra fitting. In the end, each of the girls was fitted with the perfect size and style."

Thanks for the shout out Bella Life! Go over there and show their fashion blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Why You Need a Nude Bra

Today's Bra Horror Monday consists of a woman who should have been using our product or should have been reading our blog. She decided to wear a dress without a bra because she couldn't find a bra to wear under that particular dress that didn't commit a fashion faux pas.

So...she decided to go commando, and let’s just say, that by the end of the night, everyone knew what was under that dress:

“I have what can be termed an ‘ample’ chest! I also have an amazing dress that I love to bits. However I have never been able to find a bra that fits under that dress. You can either see the bra straps or the bra front. So, to wear the dress I must wear it bra-less, which as you can imagine, is flirting with danger! So .. on one particular occasion, my husband’s parents were over from England. My husband’s father is a fit, elderly, man and loves to dance. This particular occasion we were dancing together .. myself in my gorgeous dress ….. and yes, I fell out. Both of them! In front of my father in law ….. and N O-ONE told me!!! So there I was .. boogying down on the dance floor, showing my father-in-law the assets that attracted his son! I was horrified! And if that’s not a bra horror story, I don’t know what is!! - LS”

This is the typical story among women who won't wear a dress they love or play with danger to wear it because they don't have a bra that works. We suggest a MySkins convertible bra...not only does it come in 20 Skin matching colors, but it also can change to fit under any dress!

Friday, July 24, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: Whom You Know

We are very excited that our new fans over at Whom You Know has featured MySkins on their website. Whom You Know is a place that features Manhattan's best in class and most interesting people, places, events, books, fashion, restaurants; as well as a general guide to better living and pursuing excellence in life.

We are certainly flattered to be featured along with Sephora, Luca Luca, and many more. The website includes an extensive list of some amazing place, products and websites. It was so extensive, that we actually spent over 30 minutes browsing around and checking out the different categories!

Thanks for the shout out Whom You Know! Go over there and show their fashion blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The History of Bras

1st Patented Bra

We all need them, we wear them every day, and some women wear them all the time. We are talking about bras; but where did they come from and when did it all start?

According to Vogue, bras began way back in Cretan times, thousands of years ago, but became a part of worldwide culture in the 1900’s. As with many popular products, designers around the world claimed to have designed the first bra. However, Mary Phelps-Jacob actually gets the most credit because in 1914 she patented, on paper, the first bra, under the name of Caresse Crosby.

The first patented bra was made of two silk handkerchiefs that were tied together with a seam in the front and baby ribbon sewn for straps. Seemed like a great idea? Well, women didn't really get interested in her idea so she sold the rights to Warners fro $1500 dollars, and like all stories, they used her patent and made over 15 million dollars.

Today bras have come a long way as far as structure, but not in comfort and style. At MySkins, bra research is our number one priority which is why we make the only bras that come in 20 different skin matching colors that match 95% of the population’s skin tone. Plus they are comfortable and seamless! Download a color card today and experience the new technology of women's underwear.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Visible Thong Lines

Visible bra lines (vbl) and visible panty lines (vpl) are horrible enough as they are, but visible thong lines? That's a little much! Here are three unsuspecting women who decided to wear white thongs under white tight clothing.... Not a good idea.

Wearing white under white is one of the oldest fashion faux pas in the fashion industry. Being able to see your underwear underneath your clothing is not flattering and can cause unwanted attention.

The solution? MySkins seamless and skin tone matching underwear. Each of these ladies would have greatly benefited from a MySkins thong:

Our thong was made from an advanced fabric blend that eliminates panty lines and muffin tops for a low rise yet full coverage feeling. Don't end up here! Download a color card today and get attention for your clothing, not your panty lines.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

People Magazine Calls MySkins The "Fashion Fix"

Need a fashion fix? Take People Magazine's advice from the July 27th issue and try!! We were featured in this week’s issue of People as the "fashion fix" for celebrities fashion problems!

We pride ourselves on providing women of the world with seamless underwear that doesn't cause visible panty lines, visible bra lines, bulges and other embarrassing and frustrating bra problems. According to People Magazine:

"White tees, dresses and tanks are summertime must-haves. But even celebs can make the common faux pas of pairing them with a white bra. To avoid the unflattering looks, check out these bras by MySkins, available in 20 skin-toned colors."

Go pick up an issue of People for more style tips and download a MySkins color card today. You won’t regret giving our seamless bras and seamless panties a try. You'll be comfortable and stylish, which is every woman's (even celebrities) dream.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Exposing Tennis Balls & Much More

On a scale from 1 to 10, this Bra Horror Monday story gets a 10 for the ultimate in embarrassing bra stories. From, this poor tennis player exposed her breast to a court of teenage boys, her tennis partner and more... and it wasn't just for a second! Read below to find out exactly how she got in this mess in the first place:

"Well me and my best guy friend Ryan went through a tennis stage where we were always on the court. There's this big fence near the court and whenever we played a bunch of balls got hit over it and we always had to climb a fence to pick them up. Well this day we decided when we were done to both climb over... I let him go first and when I went to follow, my foot slipped off the fence and the pointed part at the top caught my bra and pulled it, along with my shirt, up over my head. So here I was trying to get uncaught for like 5 minutes, completely exposed (and i'm definetely not flat). And this is a school tennis court too so there's a bunch of high school guys watching me. When i mentioned to ryan later why i stopped going to play tennis he said "oh yeah. I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up..." and I said "how much did you see?" and he said "everything you wouldn't want me to...." I was soooo mortified!"

As always, we are strongly against embarrassing bra moments, life is hard enough as it is! However we love to hear them! Tell us your embarrassing bra stories and you could be featured on Bra Horror Monday.

No embarrassing moments to tell? No problem! Download our color card today and get your MySkins bra... the answer to all future embarrassing bra problems.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Which Came First, The T-Shirt or The Bra?

One problem that women around the world have is finding the ideal bra to wear under a t-shirt. The number of ways a t-shirt can go wrong with the wrong bra are endless. Here are a few that we have all grown to hate:

The Problem: The Frankenstein Look.

Frankenstein was built from different body parts, so he was basically stitched together and you could clearly see his seams. When you put on a t-shirt with a bra that has seams, you look stitched together also.

The Solution: MySkins Seamless T-shirt Bra.Our seamless t-shirt bra has no seams for a flawless finish.

The Problem: The Visible Bra Strap Look.
Some t-shirts have v-necks, plunge tops, and twist and turns. No matter how you try to arrange your straps around, even with a bra hook, you still seam to have visible bra straps.

The Solution: MySkins Convertible Bra.The MySkins convertible can be adjusted in 3 different ways to fit under different types of blouses for increase versatility.

The Problem: The Bump In The Night Look.
Remember that children's book about an owl who was afraid of the bumps in his bed that turned out to be his knees? Well, when you wear a bra that is too small under a t-shirt, you create bumpy breasts, which is a very bad look! Not only can it confuse just about everyone around you, but its also just uncomfortable.

The Solution: MySkins Online Bra Fitting Guide. We have a great bra fitting guide on our website to help you find the perfect fit when shopping for your bras online.

So no matter what your t-shirt bra problems, we have a bra for you that works. Request a color card today and find a t-shirt bra that will work under all your t-shirts.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finding Panties That Work

We'd all love to throw on a thong to get rid of visible panty lines (VPL), or other issues that can happen when wearing underwear. However, some of us don't have buns of steel, so wearing a thong under a jersey cotton dress is not our idea of fun.

However, a skin tone matching panty can do the trick if you are wearing white. But if you are wearing another color, the visible panty lines can still occur because of dimensional transfer. Which is why MySkins seamless panties or known to be VPL proof.
Here are some more tips to insure you look perfect under your clothing.

1. Make sure you have different styles because you'll soon get tired of a drawer full of us. Having variety keeps you prepared, so stock up on many styles including a girl short, thong, and full cut brief.

2. Wear the right size, especially if comfort is important to you. At MySkins, we have some of the most comfortable panties on the market, however, if you buy the wrong size, even we can't help you.

4. Make sure it fits correctly. Sometimes we find our size, but we don't pay attention to the fit. Even if you think you found the perfect panties, check and see if they pinch, grab, or ride up. Give it the run, hop, skip, and sit down test. Yes, it will look crazy, but no one will see and it'll be worth it in the long run if you find out at home and not in public.

That's our panty finding tips. For a pair of panties that fit great, are comfortable, and match your skin tone, try MySkins seamless panties.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Find MySkins In Cosmo August 2009 Issue

That's right; we are in the August 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan, which happens to be their "Hot Issue". Why the "Hot Issue"? Well, because sexy and classy go hand in hand when it comes to skin matching lingerie!

For instance... you wouldn't want visible panty lines or bra lines when wearing that little white summer dress for a romantic night out with your significant other? Which is exactly why you need seamless skin tone matching bras and panties to pair with your sizzling ensembles.

Besides us being in the issue, we also enjoyed some of the cover stories. Our favorite features from Cosmopolitan's Hot Issue include "Have The Summer You Want" and "5 Things That Can Blow a Job Interview". In "Have The Summer You Want", writer Molly Triffin encourages women to end their summers with a bang by relaxing and recharging, hanging out with new people, work on a new career move, or have a end of summer adventure. No matter how you choose to end the summer, make sure you do it in style. Don't forget your skin tone matching underwear to wear with those stunning summer dresses.

In "5 Things That Can Blow a Job Interview", Korin Miller gives some amazing tips to make sure you have a great interview regardless of this economy. Tips included keeping the interview to yourself, skipping the perfume overload, and not trash talking your ex boss. We loved the tips, and also remember, you have one chance to make a first impression. Korin mentioned that wearing tops that are too sheer is a no no, and we agree. But if you do want to add a little sheerness, or you want to wear white, don't forget your skin tone matching bra.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: The Jet Set Girls

We are very excited that our new fans over at The Jet Set Girls have done an editorial on our product. The blog owners received our bra and panties, in skin tone matching colors, and gave us a raving review. According to The Jet Set Girls:

"We tested their system ourselves and are very pleased with the outcome…. The hidden underwire gives good support and comfort. We've worn the bra for a couple of weeks and it's held up well through the many washings."

Thanks for the shout out Jet Set Girls! Go over there and show their fashion blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Don’t Write Your Name In your Bra

Today’s horror story about bras comes from Kayla over at That’s Embarrasing! She teaches young women everywhere that writing your name in your bra is definitely a BAD idea!

“Well on Dec. 21 our school went swimming. So as always my friends and I go into the bathroom to change into our bathing suits to avoid the rush of pool locker rooms. I ran out of the bathroom QUICKLY because there were other people waiting in line. Then I realized I forgot my bra in the bathroom.... oops! The embarrassing part of it is that I saw a couple of grade eighters fooling around the lost and found table, to my surprise they are playing with my bra.... I walk over and Shelby says "Kayla, you lost your bra!" and I remember that I wrote my name in it when I went to Camp!

The Moral of this story is - Do NOT write your name in you bra!!”

At MySkins, embarrassing bra moments are guaranteed to be a thing of your past. Get a seamless bra from MySkins today by requesting a color card.

Friday, July 10, 2009

5 Tips For Breast Health

MySkins knows how important a woman's breast are to their health. It's an important part of your overall health and an important part of your self image. With breast cancer becoming a major epidemic in the world today, learning how to take care of your breast can mean life or death in the long run.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your breast health for a complete and healthy body and mind:

1. Relax, Relate, Release
Stress, anger and frustration can cause benign and malignant breast diseases which is why relaxing is important. One of the best things you can do for your breast is to find a way to relax daily. Try yoga, bubble baths with a book, walk in the park, etc.

2. Self Massage
We found a really great tip from about the benefits of massage. According to them, "...any type of massage will help relieve stress and keep the body part receiving the massage more healthy due to improved flow of blood, body fluids, and nerve impulses. Breast self massage can be as simple as 50-100 light circles in each direction over the breast tissue and gentle rubbing over the entire flank and axilla area (underarm) to circulate the lymph glands and restore the flow of energy in the breast area. These techniques are simple, painless, and require very little time."

3. Eat Right
Eating right is also important to breast health. Some great tips include eating your vegetables, include olive oil in your diet, control dietary fats, avoid pesticides and processed foods, keep alcohol consumption low, and subsitute cola and coffee with green tea.

4. Exercise Regularly
Exercise and stress go hand in hand. The more you exercise the less stress you will have, the less you exercise, the more stressful you will feel. Aerobic exercise and weight training have both been show to be beneficial in the reduction of breast cancer.

5. Be Your Own Doctor
Every month you should give your self a breast self-examination. Not only could it save your life because of early detection, but the more you know about your own body, the better.

Those are our tips to keeping your breast healthy. And remember, a comfortable bra, like MySkins' bras, is key to keeping your breast health as well. Download or request a color card today, and get a fashionable and comfortable everyday bra.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glamour's Tips To Finding The Perfect Bra

Glamour Magazine recently went on NBC's Today show and did a really great segment on finding the perfect bra. We loved the sensible tips they gave that every woman should incorporate into their wardrobe:

DON'T: Wear a sports bra unless you're working out--it's not good for your breast tissue!
DO: Choose a comfortable style like this cotton version from Vanity Fair--you won't even feel the underwire!

DON'T: Wear a bra with too-loose and too-stretched out straps.
DO: Opt for straps with elasticity that will help to give you the best support.

DON'T: Suffer from the dreaded "underboob" (and in this case, "sideboob" too)!
DO: This happens because your bra is too small--my tip? Get professionally fitted and you'll end up looking and feeling great.

DON'T: Flatten an already small chest with a thin, barely-there bra.
DO: Try a padded push up, like this Victoria's Secret bra, that will give you a little extra (yet natural-looking) oomph.

DON'T: Choose a demi cup if you're looking for full-sized support.
DO: Demi's have less breast coverage, so choose a full coverage style if you're full-sized gal looking for the best support.

DON'T: Wear bras that are too big and gaping!
DO: Emily's bra was way too big and had no structure--leaving her bust completely shapeless. The entire cup should lie flush against your breast with no excess fabric.

We think everyone should take their advice. Stop over and see the comments on the posts, some women really added some extra insight on how choose their bras.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: A Double Wammy

Today when we were digging through tons of images online in search of our Fashion Police Wednesday victim, in the words of Ursula the witch off of Little Mermaid, we found this "poor unfortunate soul" who was caught on camera with not only a visible bra but visible panties too.

No doubt, when she left the house with her vertical lined shirt (always a fashion yes) and her white sheer mini skirt, she had no idea that this day would come back to haunt her. One simple circular look in the mirror would have sufficed and saved her from the embarrassment, which I'm sure she suffered through the day unknowingly. I know we can't have the dreaded 360 mirror from What Not To Wear, but we can turn around and look over our shoulders with all the windows open and lights on so we can get a look at ourselves in natural light, especially when wearing anything sheer or white.

Let's break down this fashion victim’s regrettable choices and find a solution to the problem:

The first issue is the wearing of a white bra under a sheer shirt; our suggestion is to wear a skin tone matching t shirt bra. Since we can't see the front of the blouse…we are hoping and praying there's no peak-a-boo going on, which makes the t shirt bra perfect for this top.

The second issue is the white underwear under a sheer white mini skirt. We suggest wearing a My Skins’ thong if anyone plant to wear something sheer and small on the lower half their body.

Lastly, we have to match all the underwear as close to the skin tone as possible. Based on this image we suggest she try Cinnamon, aka MySkins #14. Are you have visible underwear problems? Break the cycle and download our color card today.... you will be one step closer to finding your true nude.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: fffabulous

Two thumbs up and plenty of xoxo to our faboulous reveiw from fffabulous entitled
"when nude is really not nude". Fashion blogger Frederique put our MySkins' skintone matching bra and panties to the test by recruiting a friend and trying out our product under white clothing. She even did a fabulous ribbon test to show you exactly how effective MySkins' bras and panties really are. What did her friend have to say?

"OMG!!!! I haven't been this excited about lingerie since I purchased my first La Perla in Italy years ago. My MySkins bra and pantie came today and I am SO in LOVE with them! I tried them on immediately and—true to their claim—they are a perfect match for my nutmeg-colored skin. They literally disappear under clothing! I'm telling you they are INVISIBLE. My cousin was visiting and took lots of pics of me in several sheer and form fitting garments to give you a sense of how absolutely true-to-skin they are (see pictures above and below). They are so invisible that I had to use a ribbon to differentiate my skin from the under garments in the pics! I can't wait to tell ALL my friends about MySkins and I see myself becoming a loyal customer. They've already made me a HUGE fan overnight! I am absolutely SOLD."

Thanks for the shout out Frederique, the review truly was fffabulous! Go over there and show her blog, fffabulous, some love and let her readers know how amazing MySkins bras and panties are.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: The Frozen Bra Experience

Sometimes we stumble across a bra story that is so horrible, so hilarious, so outrageous that we share it with our readers. Today's bra horror story is an anonymous tale from That's Embarrassing about sibling rivalry, nipple exposure and an icebox!

"This is about a nasty prank that was played on me. One day, I had a job interview that was scheduled for early in the morning. I was rushing to put on my clothes when I realized that something was missing. I asked my little sister, "Where the is my bra?" And she said, "Maybe you should check in the freezer." Damn her, she had known I was going to an interview -- so the night before, she collected all my bras, soaked them in water, and stuck them in the freezer! They were frozen solid. I mean, I could have beaten someone to death with one of those things (and believe me, I was tempted). I was in a HUGE hurry, though.

Searching for the bras had wasted way too much of my time, and I figured "What the heck. I don't really need a bra anyway." So I just rushed out the door, and drove to the interview.

The woman who interviewed me seemed nice, and I thought the interview was going pretty well, but there was a problem. I'd picked my clothes before I realized that I wouldn't have a bra, so I was wearing a tee-shirt that was sort of tight. And there was air-conditioning in the room...REALLY cold air-conditioning. So my nipples became sort of...well...perky. VERY perky. I tried to act as if nothing strange was happening, but the woman kept looking at my chest with a sort of "What the Hell??" look on her face. I guess she though that I was a slut, or that I was just really, really enjoying that interview. She didn't hire me. :-( She gave the job to some boy instead. (If the interviewer had been a guy, I'd probably have a job right now :-P) I guess the only bright side is that in a couple of years, my sister will start wearing bras, too. And then I'll be able to get even with her. :-P"

LOL! Now you know why you always keep your clothes far away from your younger sisters...far far away! Need nipple coverage? Check out MySkins t shirt bra, not only is it a nude bra, but it has the best nipple coverage on the market.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: Fashion Phoenix

We are very excited that our new fans over at Fashion Phoenix has done an editorial on our product. Kira, the blog owner, stopped by our offices and tried out the MySkins bras and panties for herself and fell in love with our product. According to Kira:

"In a word, my recent visit to MySkins was…transformational. The technology of the molded bra, the almost magical color matching system, the seamlessness and the COMFORT of these products has transformed my previous lingerie loathing into lingerie love."

Thanks for the shout out Kira! Go over there and show her blog, Fashion Phoenix, some love and let her readers know how amazing MySkins bras and panties are...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Audrina Patridge Panty Lines

The lovely Audrina Patridge, born on May 9, 1985 and best known for her role on The Hills. She was personally one of our favorite characters; we especially loved watching her on and off again relationship with bad boy Justin Brescia.

Unfortunately, as much as we love Audrina, she's being featured today on fashion police Wednesday because she committed a fashion sin...
She wore a white dress with white panties... making her visible panty line so obvious it was impossible to ignore. We are wondering how she even got out the house wearing that without noticing.

Our suggestion? MySkins' nude colored panties which look almost invisible underneath your clothing. Because Audrina is usually tan, we suggest getting 2 colors of bras and panties. One for your summer color and one for your winter colors.