Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Visible Thong Lines

Visible bra lines (vbl) and visible panty lines (vpl) are horrible enough as they are, but visible thong lines? That's a little much! Here are three unsuspecting women who decided to wear white thongs under white tight clothing.... Not a good idea.

Wearing white under white is one of the oldest fashion faux pas in the fashion industry. Being able to see your underwear underneath your clothing is not flattering and can cause unwanted attention.

The solution? MySkins seamless and skin tone matching underwear. Each of these ladies would have greatly benefited from a MySkins thong:

Our thong was made from an advanced fabric blend that eliminates panty lines and muffin tops for a low rise yet full coverage feeling. Don't end up here! Download a color card today and get attention for your clothing, not your panty lines.

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