Thursday, July 23, 2009

The History of Bras

1st Patented Bra

We all need them, we wear them every day, and some women wear them all the time. We are talking about bras; but where did they come from and when did it all start?

According to Vogue, bras began way back in Cretan times, thousands of years ago, but became a part of worldwide culture in the 1900’s. As with many popular products, designers around the world claimed to have designed the first bra. However, Mary Phelps-Jacob actually gets the most credit because in 1914 she patented, on paper, the first bra, under the name of Caresse Crosby.

The first patented bra was made of two silk handkerchiefs that were tied together with a seam in the front and baby ribbon sewn for straps. Seemed like a great idea? Well, women didn't really get interested in her idea so she sold the rights to Warners fro $1500 dollars, and like all stories, they used her patent and made over 15 million dollars.

Today bras have come a long way as far as structure, but not in comfort and style. At MySkins, bra research is our number one priority which is why we make the only bras that come in 20 different skin matching colors that match 95% of the population’s skin tone. Plus they are comfortable and seamless! Download a color card today and experience the new technology of women's underwear.

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