Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finding Panties That Work

We'd all love to throw on a thong to get rid of visible panty lines (VPL), or other issues that can happen when wearing underwear. However, some of us don't have buns of steel, so wearing a thong under a jersey cotton dress is not our idea of fun.

However, a skin tone matching panty can do the trick if you are wearing white. But if you are wearing another color, the visible panty lines can still occur because of dimensional transfer. Which is why MySkins seamless panties or known to be VPL proof.
Here are some more tips to insure you look perfect under your clothing.

1. Make sure you have different styles because you'll soon get tired of a drawer full of us. Having variety keeps you prepared, so stock up on many styles including a girl short, thong, and full cut brief.

2. Wear the right size, especially if comfort is important to you. At MySkins, we have some of the most comfortable panties on the market, however, if you buy the wrong size, even we can't help you.

4. Make sure it fits correctly. Sometimes we find our size, but we don't pay attention to the fit. Even if you think you found the perfect panties, check and see if they pinch, grab, or ride up. Give it the run, hop, skip, and sit down test. Yes, it will look crazy, but no one will see and it'll be worth it in the long run if you find out at home and not in public.

That's our panty finding tips. For a pair of panties that fit great, are comfortable, and match your skin tone, try MySkins seamless panties.

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