Thursday, July 30, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: Lipstick Masala

We are very excited that our new fans over at Lipstick Masala has featured MySkins on their fabulous beauty blog. Lipstick Masala is a forum for Desi Women to come together and exchange beauty tips and product secrets geared specifically toward South Asians.

According to the Lipstick Masala:

"Fashion experts insist that we wear nude lingerie for daily wear. Why? Because it so closely resembles our own skin tone that it does not stand out the way black and white do under clothes. This may be true, but having one color of “skin tone” represent all women from fair to dark kind of defeats the idea behind nude lingerie. An African American woman is not going to feel like she’s “wearing her own skin” in a bra that was made for a Caucasian woman. And one amazing company has finally recognized this mistake and I just had to let you all in on what I consider to be the best thing since sliced bread.

MySkins is a lingerie company that aims to “provide the widest range of skin tone colors to match your beautiful skin.” "

Thanks for the shout out Lipstick Masala! Go over there and show their fashion blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

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