Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Lindsay Lohan's Peek A Boo

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

We really loved you in Parent Trap, Herbie Fully Loaded, I Know Who Killed Me, and all your other movies. When you hooked up with Sam...we were behind you 100%. When you started then stopped hanging out with Paris Hilton, we understood. When you died your hair blonde, we thought it was cute and said "more power to ya". When you started loosing lots of weight we were worried, but you said it was stress, you got some help and we still thought you had a very promising career in front of you.

However, now we want to help you out with a little problem. Last month you stepped out of your house with no bra on and it wasn't what we would call "flattering". We'd like to tell you a little more about our product and hope that you would consider using one of our seamless bras the next time you step out of the house.

For someone your age we had a different vision of what your breast should look like… and to fix that, we think our bras are perfect for your lifestyle. Not only will match your skin tone, but they come in different styles that can help during any wardrobe malfunctions.

Additionally, we noticed you had a little "drooping" going. As a result, we predict that our molded seamless bras would be a nice addition to your wardrobe. Molded bras provide a shape that your breast will fit into and they give you a great 360 degree profile. On the other hand, constructed bras are like chameleons....they change shape based on your breast which can be unflattering.

Ready to make a change? Go online and order our color card to pick a skin tone that matches your skin (we suggest MySkins number 03 aka Blush), and give our product a try. At first it will be a little weird, having your breast sitting up so high, but then when you see your clothes fitting better and the compliments start to flow, you'll thank us.

Oh, and Lindsey, when you get a chance, feel free to call us directly at 480-464-0200 and we will give you a free consultation and hook you up!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MySkins Shout Out: Haute Cup of Fabulous

We are very excited that our new fans over at Haute Cup of Fabulous has done a brief editorial on our product. Lady J knows her stuff, and she also knows that true "nude" underwear are definitely hard to come by.

As a Sip-Worthy product over at Haute Cup of Fabulous Lady J commends us for our 20 skin color matching stystem, our seamless bras, our seamless panties, and for providing women with a product that easily crosses ethnic lines.

Thanks for the shout out Lady J! Go over there and show her blog some love and let her readers know how amazing MySkins bras and panties are...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Memorial Day Special for E-mail Newsletter Subscribers

All over the world, Memorial Day signifies the beginning of incorporating white fashions into your daily wardbrobe. The stunning white pant, the amazing white top, and for brave women, the white bathing suit. It's this time of the year that MySkins lives for because we know women want quality seamless bras and panties that look great under white clothing.

To celebrate Memorial Day, MySkins is offering an amazing deal exclusively to our E-mail Newsletter subscribers:

1 Bra & 1 Panty for $30.00
Free Shipping & Handling

Use Promo Code MD50
For E-Mail Newsletter Subscribers Only!!
But Hurry! This offer last only 2 Days!

Expires 12:00 am PST on May 19, 2009

What are you waiting for? Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter today and get your 50% off!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Seamless Bras in 20 Skin Matching Colors

Too perky, too flat, too high, too low... when it comes to a woman and her bra, we've heard it all! During our nationwide search talking to women about what they wanted in a bra, one thing seemed to stand out. Everyone wanted a seamless bra to match their skin tone and everyone had different needs when it came to comfort.

And we understand! It's tiresome wearing a black bra under a white blouse because that's the only one that you can't see through your clothing. But what about if the blouse is sleeveless, halter, or tube? Next thing you know you are in the mirror trying to figure out exactly how to hide bra straps.

We've finally made it easy to find your bra color. All you have to do is request a color card to be mailed to you and use that card to find the color that best matches your skin. The best way to find your skin matching color is to hold he color card to your chest or your shoulder for the bras and the upper thigh or hip for the panties. Check it out for yourself:

Ready to get started? Request a mailer today!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: VPL Victim

It's true, every woman wants to look their best when they walk out the door, but sometimes we forget to take a quick spin in the mirror. The result? Visible bra lines (VBL) and visible panty lines (vpl).

Unfortunately this woman is a victim of VPL and color transfer. Even though we are sure she put a smile on everyone's face that day!

Our Suggestion?

Based on her skin tone and the type of dress she is wearing we suggest that she try a pair of MySkins Full-Cut Brief panties.

Using our MySkins Color Card she could match her skin tone exactly and get rid of the color transfer problem. Our nude panties are seamless so the VPLs would disappear. Finally, our panties are made from an advanced fabric blend that can eliminate muffin tops.

When it comes to seamless bras and panties, we are your expert. Do you have a picture you want featured on Fashion Police Wednesday? Contact us and we will suggest a solution!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome To MySkins Blog

Welcome to the MySkins blog! If you are reading this then you are probably sick and tired of:

  • Underwear that doesn't truly match your skin tone
  • Visible bra lines and visible panty lines
  • Not being able to wear white without worrying about color transfer
  • Other women's underwear woes....
Well stop worrying! MySkins’ seamless bras and panties come in 20 skin matching "nude" colors. Each color has been tested extensively on a focus group of nearly 700 women. As a result of this research, our products match 95 percent of the population. Each color, from Honey to Espresso, can transform your body, match your skin and allow you to finally stop worrying about what is being seen and be seen yourself.

Stay tuned here as we explore the ups and downs of what's underneath your clothing. We'll help you look fabulous, while keeping those hidden pieces hidden... no matter what color you are wearing!