Friday, May 15, 2009

Seamless Bras in 20 Skin Matching Colors

Too perky, too flat, too high, too low... when it comes to a woman and her bra, we've heard it all! During our nationwide search talking to women about what they wanted in a bra, one thing seemed to stand out. Everyone wanted a seamless bra to match their skin tone and everyone had different needs when it came to comfort.

And we understand! It's tiresome wearing a black bra under a white blouse because that's the only one that you can't see through your clothing. But what about if the blouse is sleeveless, halter, or tube? Next thing you know you are in the mirror trying to figure out exactly how to hide bra straps.

We've finally made it easy to find your bra color. All you have to do is request a color card to be mailed to you and use that card to find the color that best matches your skin. The best way to find your skin matching color is to hold he color card to your chest or your shoulder for the bras and the upper thigh or hip for the panties. Check it out for yourself:

Ready to get started? Request a mailer today!

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