Thursday, August 27, 2009

Increasing your Bra Shelf Life

Want your bra to last a long time? Of course your washing regimen is important, but there is way more to it...your habits affect your bra life as well. Here are a few tips to help you increase the shelf life of your bra.

1. Have a bra for every day of the week
Over wearing your bra can cause it to wear out, decreasing it's shelf life. Making sure you have a different bra that you can wear everyday. It can save you money in the long run. Never wear one bra two days in a row, let them rest a little so you won't decrease the elasticity.

2. Use a sensitive soap
If you mush use the washing machine, use the right soap. We like Woolite too, but Woolite is for wool. Try some other washing powders if Woolite isn't working for your bras. Other options inlclude Ivory Snow, Dreft, or Forever New for non bleach washing that won't damage elastics. Also, use a bra ball or a mesh laundry bag to keep your bra safe while in the washing machine.

3. Never, ever ever put your bra in the dryer
That's right, NEVER!! Would you put plastic in the oven? Well, bras are make of elastic and other materials that are heat sensitive. Wash in cool water and lay flat to'll double your bra life.

4. Try MySkins
Want variety and shelf life, try MySkins. Our comfortable bras are perfect for all year long...we match your skintone, so you can get different bras for summer and winter, no matter what color your skin, we stay nude.

What are your at home remedies to keeping your bras lasting longer?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can Nude Bras Be Sexy?

Okay, we usually don't delve into the sexy lingerie conversations, but recently nude bras have been getting bashed as a "do not wear" for single women and married women alike.

We disagree! On The Tyra Banks Show recently, Whitney Casey, author of The Man Plan said that men do not like nude bras:

We object...nude bras do have a sexy appeal, especially if you are wearing a sexy outfit. When wearing something sheer, your nude bra will give you the illusion of sexy, withoug crossing the "trashy" line. So for mere sophistication, nude bras are definitley a plus.

The topic came up again on Fab Sugar, where they asked there readers.. can nude bras be sexy? The results are below:

Our question? Why wouldn't the color closest to a woman's bare skin be sexy?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Underwear For Hottest Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

Fall/Winter 2009 is fast approaching us, even if it doesn't feel like it in some parts of the world... the new fashion trends are cutting edge and stunning. However, all the trends have one thing in common...the correct underwear are very very important.

Let's take a look at a two of the new trends approaching this fall:.

Like Megan Fox's black dress in this image, sheer is in. Unfortunately, sheer means the possibility of visible bra lines and visible panty lines. When wearing sheer dresses or clothing make sure you wear skin tone matching underwear. It will save you a lot of grief!

Notice Rhianna (who wanted to show her nipple stars on purpose!) has a a sheer black yet solid top and you can still see through her shirt. Skin tone matching underwear is not just for white or just for the summer, it's an important part of your fall and winter wardrobe as well.

One Shoulder...

One Shoulder dresses, like Kate Moss above and Emma Watson below, are all the rage this fall. However, wearing a bra with straps is a major no! And when you are wearing a one shoulder and sheer dress like Emma Watson, a black or white bra is also a huge no!

Invest in a skin tone matching convertible bra that can turn from strapless to halter faster than you can put on your lipstick for the evening. Remember, wearing skin tone matching bras is a year round fashion must. Just because summer is disappearing, doesn't' mean visible panty lines and visible bra lines are disappearing also.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MySkins Shout Out:

We are very excited that our new fans over at has featured MySkins on their fabulous beauty blog. is a blog for global underwear news and trends.

According to them:

"Have you ever suffered from a pile of lingerie colors that didn’t match your skin? Now, to find underwear that matches your skin tone, fit you like a glove and could be worn under any type of clothing is not a dream any more. MySkins Company designs lingerie that does just that.

Its seamless bras and panties serve as an almost invisible "foundation" beneath a woman's clothing so people can see your dress, slacks or blouse... not your underwear. "

Thanks for the shout out! Go over there and show their blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Kelly Brook’s Wobbly Mistake

Kelly Brook recently stepped out the door with this year leggings trend.

Unfortunately, Kelly, like many other legging wearers today are not wearing the correct undergarments with this trend.

Wearing leggings is a little tricky because many can be sheer as well as skin tight. However, MySkins is the perfect solution. MySkins seamless underwear are molded so those panty lines will be invisible. However, they also come in 20 skin matching colors which means you can wear a full cut brief and not a thong… for the ultimate support and coverage.

Kelly made the mistake of wearing a black thong with sheer black leggings. This mistake caused her visible panty lines to show as well as the fact that she was missing the major support that’s needed when wearing sheer and skintight leggings!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is It Time To Buy A New Bra?

Bras are expensive, so sometimes, buying new ones can not only be healthy for your breast, great for your style, but also a financial commitment.

Here are some reason you may need to buy a new bra.

The first is an upcoming special occasion. Sometimes an all white summer party or a wedding leaves us running to the store looking for a bra that will fit correctly. If you find yourself unable to wear clothing because of a bra; it’s time to buy a new one. Everyone woman should own at least one convertible bra that's able to fit under more than one type of clothing.

The second reason you may need a new bra is pregnancy. Pregnant women can grow up to 3 cup sizes in a few trimesters. Unfortunately, support is the main factor if you are pregnant...however underwires can be uncomfortable. Understanding what's comfortable for you will help you decide which new bra you may need

The third reason you may need a new bra is fit. If the bra you are wearing right now doesn’t fit you correctly and you are constantly adjusting it, go and get fitted properly, or do it yourself. It's worth it in the long run and when you bra is off your mind you'll be surprised at how free you feel.

The fourth reason you many need a new bra is shape. If you go into the store and try on a bra that is the same size and style as your bra, but fits and supports you better, it's time to buy a new one. Your old bra is worn out and is not as supportive or elastic as it used to be.

Lastly, you may need a new bra for a new look. Posture feeling slouchy? Tops not buttoning correctly? You didn't gain weight! Your bra may just be the wrong one. A new bra can actually increase your posture and give you a new look in no time.

If you need a new bra, try MySkins. MySkins sells seamless bras and pantis in 20 skin matching colors.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: The Curse of The Front Clasp

Today's Bra Horror Monday focuses on the curse of the front clasp. Almost 50% of bra horror stories are caused by the dreaded front clasp bra which can come undone at the most unlikely of times. The other 50%? Bras that are too small. Taylor aka The Fashion Dungjen, shares a great embarrassing bra moment with us:

"I am a softball junkie. I played my first T-ball game when I was five years old. Not too bad, right? I played through my senior year in high school - mostly as a catcher. I couldn't ever get enough of the sport. So, when I came to college two and a half years ago, I wasn't able to play as often as I'd like so I'd jump at the opportunity to do anything softball related. What that means is I basically would play catch with anyone who seemed marginally competent and had access to a glove.

One day I was playing catch with a friend when something started to feel a little off, a little uncomfortable. I ignored the shifting sensation in my T-shirt until things started to feel ... a little out of place. I took a quick glance down to assess the issue and realized my front-hook bra had come undone, probably from the repetitive throwing and contortions I had to do in order to catch the ball.

I was mortified. (My catch partner was a boy, by the way.) I pretended to miss the next throw so I cold retreat to pick it up. Instead, on my retreat, I tossed my glove to the ground to adjust my bra while my back was turned to my partner. I ended the game of catch after that. Clearly it was due to my extreme exhaustion. In retrospect, the bra probably didn't fit right, and, with constant movement, decided it couldn't keep things in order."

We are definitely strongly against underwires and front hook bras! Get a
seamless molded bra from MySkins and stay put!