Monday, August 3, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: The Curse of The Front Clasp

Today's Bra Horror Monday focuses on the curse of the front clasp. Almost 50% of bra horror stories are caused by the dreaded front clasp bra which can come undone at the most unlikely of times. The other 50%? Bras that are too small. Taylor aka The Fashion Dungjen, shares a great embarrassing bra moment with us:

"I am a softball junkie. I played my first T-ball game when I was five years old. Not too bad, right? I played through my senior year in high school - mostly as a catcher. I couldn't ever get enough of the sport. So, when I came to college two and a half years ago, I wasn't able to play as often as I'd like so I'd jump at the opportunity to do anything softball related. What that means is I basically would play catch with anyone who seemed marginally competent and had access to a glove.

One day I was playing catch with a friend when something started to feel a little off, a little uncomfortable. I ignored the shifting sensation in my T-shirt until things started to feel ... a little out of place. I took a quick glance down to assess the issue and realized my front-hook bra had come undone, probably from the repetitive throwing and contortions I had to do in order to catch the ball.

I was mortified. (My catch partner was a boy, by the way.) I pretended to miss the next throw so I cold retreat to pick it up. Instead, on my retreat, I tossed my glove to the ground to adjust my bra while my back was turned to my partner. I ended the game of catch after that. Clearly it was due to my extreme exhaustion. In retrospect, the bra probably didn't fit right, and, with constant movement, decided it couldn't keep things in order."

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