Thursday, August 27, 2009

Increasing your Bra Shelf Life

Want your bra to last a long time? Of course your washing regimen is important, but there is way more to it...your habits affect your bra life as well. Here are a few tips to help you increase the shelf life of your bra.

1. Have a bra for every day of the week
Over wearing your bra can cause it to wear out, decreasing it's shelf life. Making sure you have a different bra that you can wear everyday. It can save you money in the long run. Never wear one bra two days in a row, let them rest a little so you won't decrease the elasticity.

2. Use a sensitive soap
If you mush use the washing machine, use the right soap. We like Woolite too, but Woolite is for wool. Try some other washing powders if Woolite isn't working for your bras. Other options inlclude Ivory Snow, Dreft, or Forever New for non bleach washing that won't damage elastics. Also, use a bra ball or a mesh laundry bag to keep your bra safe while in the washing machine.

3. Never, ever ever put your bra in the dryer
That's right, NEVER!! Would you put plastic in the oven? Well, bras are make of elastic and other materials that are heat sensitive. Wash in cool water and lay flat to'll double your bra life.

4. Try MySkins
Want variety and shelf life, try MySkins. Our comfortable bras are perfect for all year long...we match your skintone, so you can get different bras for summer and winter, no matter what color your skin, we stay nude.

What are your at home remedies to keeping your bras lasting longer?

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