Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is It Time To Buy A New Bra?

Bras are expensive, so sometimes, buying new ones can not only be healthy for your breast, great for your style, but also a financial commitment.

Here are some reason you may need to buy a new bra.

The first is an upcoming special occasion. Sometimes an all white summer party or a wedding leaves us running to the store looking for a bra that will fit correctly. If you find yourself unable to wear clothing because of a bra; it’s time to buy a new one. Everyone woman should own at least one convertible bra that's able to fit under more than one type of clothing.

The second reason you may need a new bra is pregnancy. Pregnant women can grow up to 3 cup sizes in a few trimesters. Unfortunately, support is the main factor if you are pregnant...however underwires can be uncomfortable. Understanding what's comfortable for you will help you decide which new bra you may need

The third reason you may need a new bra is fit. If the bra you are wearing right now doesn’t fit you correctly and you are constantly adjusting it, go and get fitted properly, or do it yourself. It's worth it in the long run and when you bra is off your mind you'll be surprised at how free you feel.

The fourth reason you many need a new bra is shape. If you go into the store and try on a bra that is the same size and style as your bra, but fits and supports you better, it's time to buy a new one. Your old bra is worn out and is not as supportive or elastic as it used to be.

Lastly, you may need a new bra for a new look. Posture feeling slouchy? Tops not buttoning correctly? You didn't gain weight! Your bra may just be the wrong one. A new bra can actually increase your posture and give you a new look in no time.

If you need a new bra, try MySkins. MySkins sells seamless bras and pantis in 20 skin matching colors.

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