Monday, July 20, 2009

Bra Horror Monday: Exposing Tennis Balls & Much More

On a scale from 1 to 10, this Bra Horror Monday story gets a 10 for the ultimate in embarrassing bra stories. From, this poor tennis player exposed her breast to a court of teenage boys, her tennis partner and more... and it wasn't just for a second! Read below to find out exactly how she got in this mess in the first place:

"Well me and my best guy friend Ryan went through a tennis stage where we were always on the court. There's this big fence near the court and whenever we played a bunch of balls got hit over it and we always had to climb a fence to pick them up. Well this day we decided when we were done to both climb over... I let him go first and when I went to follow, my foot slipped off the fence and the pointed part at the top caught my bra and pulled it, along with my shirt, up over my head. So here I was trying to get uncaught for like 5 minutes, completely exposed (and i'm definetely not flat). And this is a school tennis court too so there's a bunch of high school guys watching me. When i mentioned to ryan later why i stopped going to play tennis he said "oh yeah. I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up..." and I said "how much did you see?" and he said "everything you wouldn't want me to...." I was soooo mortified!"

As always, we are strongly against embarrassing bra moments, life is hard enough as it is! However we love to hear them! Tell us your embarrassing bra stories and you could be featured on Bra Horror Monday.

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