Friday, July 17, 2009

Which Came First, The T-Shirt or The Bra?

One problem that women around the world have is finding the ideal bra to wear under a t-shirt. The number of ways a t-shirt can go wrong with the wrong bra are endless. Here are a few that we have all grown to hate:

The Problem: The Frankenstein Look.

Frankenstein was built from different body parts, so he was basically stitched together and you could clearly see his seams. When you put on a t-shirt with a bra that has seams, you look stitched together also.

The Solution: MySkins Seamless T-shirt Bra.Our seamless t-shirt bra has no seams for a flawless finish.

The Problem: The Visible Bra Strap Look.
Some t-shirts have v-necks, plunge tops, and twist and turns. No matter how you try to arrange your straps around, even with a bra hook, you still seam to have visible bra straps.

The Solution: MySkins Convertible Bra.The MySkins convertible can be adjusted in 3 different ways to fit under different types of blouses for increase versatility.

The Problem: The Bump In The Night Look.
Remember that children's book about an owl who was afraid of the bumps in his bed that turned out to be his knees? Well, when you wear a bra that is too small under a t-shirt, you create bumpy breasts, which is a very bad look! Not only can it confuse just about everyone around you, but its also just uncomfortable.

The Solution: MySkins Online Bra Fitting Guide. We have a great bra fitting guide on our website to help you find the perfect fit when shopping for your bras online.

So no matter what your t-shirt bra problems, we have a bra for you that works. Request a color card today and find a t-shirt bra that will work under all your t-shirts.

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  1. Every wardrobe is built from the bottom up. The bottom, of course, refers to the foundation clothing you have. When it comes to undergarments, t-shirt bras certainly should be one of your foundation documents.


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