Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Candid Bra Straps

This week we stumbled across a Flickr photo group called Candid Brastraps. Candid Brastraps is a Flickr group with over 1,132 members and over 600 images of women and some of their most embarrassing moments involving visible bra straps, visible bra lines, color transfer and dimensional transfer.

Every image we saw was perfect for Fashion Police Wednesday, but we couldn't decide! So we decided to show all the images. Check out this slide show of Candid Brastraps member images:

Each of these lovely women, who made the mistake of wearing the wrong shirt and the wrong bra in all the wrong ways need a MySkins bra...why?

Well, our bras are comfortable, seamless, and most importantly, skin tone matching. So no worries about wearing white with the wrong bra, or a summer top with the wrong bra. Try our skin tone matching convertible bra for those summer blouses or try our seamless t-shirt bras for those tight t-shirts... you can't go wrong!

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