Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bad Fitting Bra vs A Good Fitting Bra

We've all seen it. Someone wearing a fitted t-shirt with a bra on that they thought fit well. In actuality, the bra created the "six boobs" affect where the breast are squeezed between the arm and the strap and the breast themselves are basically cut in 1/2… creating six boobs! Wearing a good fitting bra can really have a tremendous affect on your life including your self esteem. A good fitting bra can increase your posture and make you look fabulous in your clothes.
So what is the benefit of getting rid of that bra that you just can't let go and a bra that actually fits you body well? Did you know a bad fitting bra can:
  • Add a shapeless and unattractive look to your posture
  • Cause scarring underneath and on the sides of your breast over time
  • Cause back pain and neck pain from inadequate support
  • Attribute to posture problems and constant slouching
On the other hand, a good fitting bra can:
  • Change the silhouette and curves of a woman’s body
  • Make you look slimmer while reshaping
  • Allow your clothes to fit and look better on your body
  • Give you a smaller waistline
  • Give you a boost of confidence

The benefits are endless. Check out and try a seamless bra in a skin matching color so you can look and feel great this summer!

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