Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Mallika Sherawat's See Through Problem

Mallika Sherawat is a Indian actress and model whose known for her public openess... she's the Indian version of Little Kim. However, even if you are considered a symbol of beauty, there's a great balance between being sexy and being classy; and having your bra show doesn't fall into that category.

The dress Mallika wore recently was a red sheer dress with unique patterns, however the top was sheer and Mallika wore a white bra... a major NO:

Skin tone matching lingerie can help even the most revealing celebrities present their image without crossing into a fashion police column. However, with little nude bra options on the market today, it's hard to find that perfect match without going completely bare. That's why MySkins has a wonderful line of skin matching bras and underwear that would have looked great under Mallika's sheer dress.

Using our 20 skin matching colors, we narrowed down Cappacino aka MySkins 07 for Mallika, which will match her skin tone and look fabulous under any sheer clothing she decides to wear... no matter how revealing!

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