Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrity Skin Matching Seamless Underwear

Does you match your skin color to other celebrities? Probably so! All of us use starts to kind of help us to decide what products to buy. As women, how many times have you walked the cosmetics aisle and noticed a celebrity endorsing a brand and she has the same skin color as you? Next thing you know, you are on your tippy toes trying to see what color they used, usually found in the small print on the bottom of the ad.

Now you can have the same specialization for your underwear as you do with your foundation. You wouldn't get the wrong color foundation so why get the wrong color nude underwear? Here are a few celebrities skin tones that we matched with our products! It's one of our favorite game ;)

If you have fair skin like Nicole Kidman you may enjoy MySkins 02 aka Latte:

If you have golden skin like Vanessa Hudgens, you may want to try MySkins 12 aka Coco:

If you have a caramel tone like Beyonce you may want to try MySkins 17 aka Almond:

Or, if you have a deeper chocolate tone like Serena Williams you can try MySkins 20 aka Espresso:

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