Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fashion Police Wednesday: Celebrity Bra Strap Walk Of Shame

This Fashion Police Wednesday is focused on the number one celebrity Faux Paux: The Celebrity With The Showing Bra Strap. The bra strap walk of fame will surely get you in someone's fashion police article and once we started doing more research, we realized that even the most and least glamorous stars have went down the shameful path of showing their bra straps:

Kylie Minogue and Pink

Amy Winehouse

Coleen McLoughlin and Sharon Stone

Where do we start??

Kylie: Okay, not only is your bra strap showing but you chose to wear a leopard one.. could you be anymore discreet?
Pink: No, No, No, No!!! You don't incorporate your bra into your outfit unless you are on stage performing... period!
Amy: Double straps...and two colors??
Coleen: Because you have a white tank top on, doesn't mean a white bra is okay.
Sharon: Yes, your bra matches some of the colors in your dress...still doesn't make it okay.

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