Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The MySkins Solution

Many times when women are shopping for bras, they don't understand exactly what to look for, or what to ask the salesperson for. At MySkins we spent so much time in product development and research, we learned some amazing things... we'd like to call ourselves the "bra experts"!

When looking for a comfortable bra that closely matches your skin tone there are a few things you should be looking for:

The Problem? Visible Bra Lines or VBL
Visible bra lines can become a nightmare. Even if you find that perfect skin matching tone, if the bra is sewn and you are wearing a t-shirt or a thin shirt, there is a possibility that you'll have to deal with bulging seams.

The MySkin Solution? Seamless Bras
Our bras are molded, not sewn so you don't have to worry about seams or VBL.

The Problem? Color Transfer
when shopping for a nude bra, you may notice the lack of colors. However, even when you "think" you've got a close match, look closely because color and dimensional transfer can occur. With color transfer, you'll end up on our fashion police blog! What happens is that if you wear underwear not closely matched to your skin with light colored clothing, you will be able to see your underwear through it.

The MySkins Solution? Skin tone matching underwear
Our bras come in 20 different skin matching colors that match 95% of the populations skin tone... so color transfer is definitely not a problem.

Request a color card today and try us out... we are sure you'll be satisfied with the results.

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