Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Buying A Bra

Women have been wearing bras for years, but for some reason the majority of the population still have issues with the dreaded bra fitting! From bra experts worldwide, here are the top 10 mistakes that women make when shopping for a bra:

5 The Baggy Look
The baggy look has made a comeback recently in jeans and in clothing (like Mary Kate and Ashley's boho looks). However, this isn't a good look for your bra. When a bra brand is too loose in the back, the back of the bra rises causing your breast to sag.

4 The Size Chameleon
Many women refuse to let go of their bra size. At 18 when you hear that you are a 38C, you always buy a 38c without getting resized. Our bodies change everyday due to hormones, nursing and much more so getting fitted once a year is ideal.

3 The Elusive Perfect Bra
We've heard of this elusive perfect bra, the one that fits like a glove and shapes your breast like a Greek statue. However, finding your perfect fit or brand can take time. At MySkins, we have our own sizing method that can help you find your perfect fit based on our brand research and awareness.

2 Comfort versus Support
We are very proud of our bras because we cover both comfort and support. However, sometimes support comes over comfort because we want to look great in our clothes and we've been taught that beauty is painful. With MySkins' seamless molded bras, that's no longer an issue.

1 The Small Complex
Smaller breast women want to have larger breast, and larger breasted women want to have smaller breast. However, using your bra to achieve those goals can cause the bra tissue to lose firmness. Your bra should life and center you bust line while being comfortable and definitely not hazardous to your health.

When looking for your perfect fit, use our bra fitting guidelines and get it right!

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