Thursday, June 4, 2009

How To Really Take Care of Your Bras

Taking care of your bras is something that many women have problems doing. We've seen just about every which way possible. Here are a few things that are just not okay!

  1. Washing and drying bras in the washing machine and dryer
  2. Using powdered detergents to wash your bras
  3. Hanging your bras to dry

At MySkins, we know bra and panties and after extensive research we've developed a strategy that makes sure your bras last for year.

First, before you wash make sure you fasten all hooks! This is important for your bra and any other garments you may have. Bra hooks have a tendency to snag other garments and get hooked on holes in the washer and dryer.

Second, Use a lingerie bag or a bra washing bowel so that your bra will keep its shape. Bra washing bowels are awesome! They keep your bras in a little bowl throughout the wash.

Third, always wash on the delicate cycle. The delicate cycle is gentle enough not to damage.

Lastly, and this important, reshape and lay flat on a towel to dry. This also keeps the shape of the bra. Hanging a bra to dry stretches the fabric.

And that’s how you take care of your MySkins seamless bra! For more information and tips visit our Bra and Panty Care Guide.

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