Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will You Wear White After Labor Day?

Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day? Where did these rules come from? These are all fashionable questions that have been hard to answer over the years. To understand the white after Labor Day rule, you have to understand where it came from... and the truth is no one knows. According to Wise Geek:

"In many parts of the United States, a rule about not wearing white after Labor Day, which takes place on the first Monday in September, is heavily ingrained....There are several theories about the the rule which governs people who wear white after Labor Day. The first and most sensible is that it reminded people not to wear summer weight clothing during the Winter. It may be tempting to don a pair of light pumps in the crisp weather of early fall, but changing weather can make it an unwise decision. By not wearing white shoes after Labor Day, people can ensure that they don't end up with soiled, cold shoes. It is also conceivable that the rule not to wear white after Labor Day was adopted as part of a larger movement to “educate” the nouveau riche. Older society families were concerned about the fashion etiquette of more recent additions, and established a complex code of fashion rules to guide them."

Our thoughts? Forget the old fashion rules and wear what you want, and white is a fabulous color to wear after Labor Day...especially when you live in place where it never really gets cold. Actually, according to a Fab Sugar pole done this week, 89% of fashionistas, no matter what the weather, thinks it’s a stupid rule that's made to be broken.

So forget the fashion no's and go with your own style based on your lifestyle and climate situation. And when wearing white, don't forget MySkins seamless bras and panties which are invisible under white or sheer clothing.

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