Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bra Horror: The First Bra Moment

Read as Melissa Chapman reminisces on her most embarrassing bra moment, the first time bra episode. We've all had them, and no matter how much we glamorize the moment in our heads, the majority of them end up in embarrassment giving us complex about bra fitting from that day forward. Here's an expert from Melissa's story:

She (Melissa's Mom) was determined to get my “girls” into a bra sooner than later and believed the only way to do so, was to go and get a proper fitting. I can still recall the scent of Bengay tinged with mothballs, as my mother and I walked into “Olga’s Lingerie” shop where we were quite literally tackled by a stout, grey-haired woman (who, twenty years later I’m sure was extremely well-meaning!) who made a bee-line for my- up-until that very moment untouched virginal boobs. She then grabbed one with her hand and took a squeeze, exclaiming in a very mater-of-fact way that indeed I would be in need of a supportive bra. At this point I think my soul may have exited my body, the embarrassment of having this strange woman accost me, was more than I could bear! On the other hand my mother- beamed proudly nodding her head in agreement with this aggressive saleslady and echoed her sentiments. I could go into greater details but honestly the flashbacks are too darn cringe-worthy!

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