Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bra Horror!! Freshmen Exposure

Talk about embarrassing. When Kayla was in high school not even her sports bra could protect her from a Freshman ritual. Here's her story:

"Two years ago I was on the volleyball team at my high school. I was a freshman that year and my school was kind of big on always picking on the underclassmen. So, I was changing after a game once, and I was next to some juniors and seniors on the team as well. I was taking my sports bra off and right when I got it off, two of them grab me and push me outside in a thong and no bra. I was banging on the door and then I saw the whole varsity football team walking by and whistling and staring at my exposed breasts. I ended up running around to the back of the building and hid until one of my friend's walked out with my stuff. It was the most embarassing moment ever."

Poor Kayla! To avoid embarrassing bra stories of your youth, remember to finally get the right bra. Try a MySkins' bra in 20 skin tone matching colors and leave those embarrassing moments behind.


  1. That happened to me once!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is really embarrassing!! Imagine all the varsity players see your breast? That is really a crazy thing!!


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