Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why You Need A Nude Bra This Fall

Although Fall is known as the time to put away your summer wardrobe and start wearing warmer colors, light scarves and thin long sleeve shirts, your nude bra is one thing you don't want to put away with the summer clothes.

This year Fall is not the same as it used to's bright, it's off the shoulder and it's a little more edgier than usual. Plus, who says you have to follow all the fashion rules? Here are a few reasons why this fall you don't need to pack away your nude bra.

This fall, black and white make a ceremonious come back. In the past, wearing white in the fall or winter was taboo, now pairing it with black is chic. Coming down the runway are some stunning combination of black and white that you'll love...and that you'll need your MySkins' nude bra for.

Another hit this fall is bright colors...especially neon. The hottest neon color is pink, but other colors are also hitting the runway as well. With bright colors still in the picture, your nude bra should be as well.

Lastly, one shoulder dresses are everywhere, on the streets, on the red carpet, down the runways...basically around every corner this fall. Fear not, with a MySkins convertible bra, you can conquer the one shoulder trend with no problem.

And that's not all! Other trends like strapless ruffled dresses, edgy little black dresses, and accordion blouses are all more reasons while your nude bra and underwear should be around all year!

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