Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Skins Shout Out: I Love Pretty Things

We are very excited that the fashionistas over at I Love Pretty Thingshas featured MySkins on her blog. Why we I Love Pretty Things? Well, They answer a question that all women want to know.. where are the pretty things and where can I buy them. And who doesn't love pretty things?? We are definitely honored to be considered as one of the prettier things online in their new post Nothing But Flesh.

According to them:

"Doesn’t it seem odd then that when it comes to bras and undies we just sort of accept the fact that we’re all clumped into one generic shade of nude? And let’s be honest, it’s a highly unrealistic flesh color usually reserved for your “functional” bras and your granny panties. You know, the ones that are meant for your eyes only.

Well, a new line of lingerie is trying to revolutionize the way we view nude. MySkins bras and panties come in 20 different shades of nude, so there’s a shade to match everyone."

Thanks for the shout out! Go over there and show the blog some love and let her readers know how amazing our seamless bras and panties are.

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